McDonald's Gundalian Invaders 2010 Happy Meal® Toys & Collectibles

McDonald's Happy Meal Featuring Gundalian Invaders. 2010 Happy Meal Toy - NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN RESTAURANTS.

The McDonalds Bakugan set of happy meal toys for 2010 includes the following Bakugan battle balls and battle gear:

Helix Dragonoid – comes in wine, blue and black
Coredom – comes in brown and white, blue and red, orange and white
Strikeflier – comes in green, white and brown, black
Jetkor – red
Dharak – comes in green, blue and red
Linehalt – comes in black, blue and white
Hawktor – comes in green and blue, light blue and bright blue and black and green
Swayther – green