McDonald’s Young Justice 2011 Happy Meal Toys & Collectibles

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2011 – Young Justice
McDonald Restaurant's Fast Food Promotional Toys and Figures that are tied in with Young Justice. 2011 Happy Meal Toy - NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN RESTAURANTS.

The McDonalds Young Justice happy meal toy set is made up of 8 DC Comics character inspired toys and includes the following McDonalds Young Justice toy figures:

Robin – shoots arrows from batcycle

Batman – flaps his wings when button on back pressed down

Superman – raises both arms above his head when button on back pressed

Aqualad – arm glows when button on back pressed

Superboy – chest glows and right arm raises when button on back depressed

Kid Flash – detachbable kid flash push ‘n go slider

Captain Cold – shoots missiles from blue missile launcher

Black Manta – eyes glow red when button on his back pressed