McDonald’s DreamWorks 2016 Trolls movie Happy Meal Toys – November 2016

McDonald Restaurant's Fast Food Promotional Toys and Figures that are tied in with DreamWorks Animation Trolls Movie.  McDonald's Happy Meal Toy - NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN RESTAURANTS.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – November 2016 – Trolls Movie

McDonalds Happy Meal toys featuring the Dreamworks Trolls movie.  Each set of Trolls movie toys contains one Troll character pencil topper, a coloring pencil, a Trolls sticker sheet, and a Trolls activity book that features adult coloring pages and puzzles.
What’s really unique about these McDonalds Trolls toys is that each sticker set and coloring book for each Trolls character is different.
The 6 Trolls movie characters that you can collect include:
1 – Poppy
2 – Branch
3 – Guy Diamond
4 – Smidge
5 – Fuzzbert
6 – DJ Suki